📸The Founder Collection - PFP NFTs

The Founder Collection

Our first ever Profile Picture collection of Cat Town villagers will release for public minting on June 21st 2024.

There will be a presale for anyone who holds a Gold or Silver Soulbound Launch NFT. This mint will begin on June 20th.

The Founder Collection is a unique collection made up of 777 profile pictures, with 7 uniques which come from the NPCs of Cat Town.

Each NFT will be minted for $20, with a max of 3 per wallet.


Each PFP will have utility when Adventures launches at the start of Q3 2024.

Adventures will have a number of accessories, each accessory will have a rarity and unique stats.

By minting a PFP, you will automatically get a special version of your accessories that you see on your PFP.

For example, you mint the PFP below - congratulations!

You will then get (when adventures launches):

  • Cat: Striped Ginger with White

  • Background: Yellow

  • Body: Pirate

  • Eyewear: Black Sunglasses

  • Eye Color: Green (even though you can't see them, they're there!)

  • Hat: Pirate

  • Whiskers: None

  • Neck: None

The quest that allows a player to obtain these items such as the pirate hat and body, might not be available in the game for up to 6 months after the PFP drop. This would mean that you have a limited item which will be embedded with your player ID, earlier than everyone else, and exclusive to you.

Cute, where can I mint???

Minting will start June 20th for Gold & Silver Soulbound holders, and start on June 21st for public.

The mint will take place on OpenSea.

View & Mint on Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/cat-town-founder-collection/overview

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