Release on the 18th of May 2024

General Updates

  • Several new music tracks have been added, K.K. Bento has been busy. He said he's going to make a comeback and drop an album soon.

  • Audio Player no longer stops after 2 tracks.

  • KIBBLE Reward formula changed, Cats are now worth 4 times more than they were in the formula, KIBBLE is nerfed to 3. The calculator has been updated - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TiB9n8J81E__74zPCA3eSXXVTfT9LfG9zCRNRxu5ty4/edit?usp=sharing, special thanks to our community member who made this tool!

  • KIBBLE rewards now require a minimum of 100 cats to claim a ticket.

  • Tickets are no longer given out by Tiny Tony on a sell action, only on a buy or combine.

  • New invite screen to copy/paste your ref link, now also shows how many cats you've gained directly from referrals.


  • Fishing is a much more streamlined process.

    • New icons, new approval flow.

    • New fish, there are now 12 new fish - can you find them all?

    • New shiny trait on fish, a very small % to catch a shiny fish which may be useful later.

    • New post-fishing screen to show the fish that caught in that session.

    • Inventory screen upgraded to show more than 100 fish at a time.

    • Inventory screen is now sortable by traits, such as weight, sell value.

    • There are now different drops depending on the time of day.

    • There are now seasonal fish that will change every 3 months.

    • Leaderboard now highlights your position in the leaderboard.

    • Bug fixes around the fishing state, the cat should no longer get stuck in the isBiting phase of fishing.

    • New identify screen, click the barrel to identify what you have caught.

Release on the 8th of May 2024

  • Bug fixes around Audio

  • Release of K.K. Bento's first single on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

  • Further mobile improvements.

  • Some new interactions available with the primary game scene, NPCs now support new animation states.

  • Fishing revealed - check out Isabella (Weekly Fishing Event) for the details.

  • Fishing to be released on the 11th of May.

Release on 19th April 2024

General Updates

  • K.K. Bento has been working hard and has released a new underground track, he calls it "Cat Nip Dreams".

  • K.K. Bento was feeling productive - he's also releasing a new track called "Sunset".

  • K.K. Bento wants to get his music out into the world - more on this soon.

  • There are a few new faces on the scene - we hope you look forward to discovering them all, every few levels you will unlock a new villager.

  • We've added tabs so that we can build new screens quicker and more efficiently.

  • Under the hood, we've reworked how the Audio works, there should be less bugs and less double playing.

  • New Audio system allows for multiple tracks to play, allowing K.K. Bento to release new music for his fans.

  • Mobile improvements to the UI and design

New Rewards System for Lucky Fish Tickets ($KIBBLE)

  • The Lucky Fish Ticket reward is now compounded with your KIBBLE holdings. The more KIBBLE you hold, the more yield you will get from the treasury every three days.

  • Actions must be performed once per day to get a ticket each day, these tickets will automatically redeem after the 3rd action and you will receive your yield of KIBBLE.

  • Lucky Fish Reward formula has changed - you will now get a multiplier based on how many cats and how much KIBBLE you hold. The reward pay outs have been increased significantly.

  • This new reward system means that the more KIBBLE you hold, the more rewards you get.

  • You must own a reasonable amount of cats to get the most yield from the tickets.

  • The average initial yield APR is 10-15% for KIBBLE. This will increase based on treasury values from the tax cycle.

  • The KIBBLE holdings of the wallet is not determined at redemption time, we are not sharing exactly how we calculate KIBBLE holdings.

  • You must be holding the KIBBLE for a minimum of three days.